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Rooftop Tent & Overland Accessories Installation Guide


You've got your Go Overland Canada Rooftop tent, and you're ready to get Elevated. 

The total installation time is usually between 5-10 min, however if you have a very low profile rack, it can take up to 30 minutes. If you have any specific questions not covered below, send us an email 


First step is to open the tent completely and take out all the parts, boxes and/or bags that are inside. Make sure to check all the corners and even under the mattress as sometimes things move around in transit and can be hidden.

Then, ask a friend, your partner, or a couple of neighbours to help you lift the tent up and onto your crossbars of your vehicle. Congratulations once this is done as it's the hardest part!

Please not the Nut + Bolt are M8 x 12 spec

Universal Hardware (all tents other than the Trek)


Step 1 Put bolts inside silver plates, then slide the plate + bolt into channel (Trek does not have the silver plates)

Step 2 Lift tent and slide bolt so it's on either side of the crossbars

Step 3 Put bracket through the bolts and centre it to the crossbar

Step 4 Tighten the nuts. For extra security, you can purchase lock nuts to prevent theft, or lock nuts to avoid these nuts shaking loose during regular offroading.

Step 5 Pop end caps in the channels

*please note the hardware may look slightly different than the above, however the instructions remain the same. If you have any questions, please send us an email*

Rainfly / Awning Poles on all models:

The poles for the rainfly / awning need to be inserted deep inside of the channel, not just into the hole. If the pole does not reach the channel, the rainfly will sag.

Step 1: slide pole into hole on an angle to ensure it gets into the channel. Use a flashlight to see the location of the channel if you cannot located it easily.

Step 2: after the pole is inserted in the channel, grab the corner of the rainfly and attach/slide (depending on model) pole to the fabric.


Use a measuring tape to ensure equal spacing. (Photo 1) M8 square nuts slide into channel. Use provided allen key to secure screws into place.

Winter Insulation Kit: simply hook the insulation kit onto the internal frame/perimeter where there are preset eyelets.

Explorer X Only

You would have received two metal pieces which are to be used for heavy snow or heavy wind to attach to two of the hydraulic arms preventing it from closing or moving too much. Install these on opposite ends (one front, one back)

Pressurized Shower:

  1. Install water faucet and shower head on both ends using a strip of lock tight tape (provided)
  2. Fill water to a maximum capacity of 80% to leave room for air pressure 
  3. Pump air pressure inside tank (bike pump works). Test pressure and add or release based on the strength of the water 

Expedition annex room installation: video here  The key step is to find the provided Velcro’s and attach to your rooftop tent. If the velcro is not attached there will be a gap.


*see below for ladder mount. Be cognizant of which way the tent will open / unfold so you install it on the correct side. 

Voyage Crossbars

Xpedition XL & Mini extra poles: can be used to create more of a ceiling on heavy snow days, stormy weather, or when extra support is required. It’s not mandatory to use.

If anything isn’t covered here and you have any questions, please email us at and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.