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How much do the tents weigh? Please refer to each product's page but they range from 85 lbs and up!

How long does it take to set up? Set up time ranges from 30 seconds to 90 seconds depending on the model. 

How many people can sleep in your tents? We recommend sleeping two adults unless you’re looking to buy our XL model which sleeps 3-4 adults.

What do I need to mount the tent on my vehicle? The tent comes with the mounting hardware required for installation. 

How many people are required to install the tent? We recommend setting up the tent with at least two adults. However, if you need three, or if you are superman and can lift it by yourself, go with what you're comfortable with. 

How do I install the tent? Check out an example by watching this video here.

What tools are required to install the tent on my vehicle? All tools required to install the tent are included with your purchase. 

What do I need to know about the height of my racks? The clearance from the top of your roof rack to the top of your roof should be at least 3".

What type of vehicles can your tents be installed on? Any type of vehicle that is equipped with the appropriate roof rack. 

Is this not recommended for tall people? All heights are welcomed! The tallest we've had in our tent fully stretched out is 6 foot 3" and there was still some space. Please get in touch if you have questions or are concerned if you can fit inside.

Do your tents come with crossbars? Yes all models other than the Trek come standard with two crossbars.

Do you sell roof racks for vehicles? No we do not but we have a partner that makes bed racks for trucks.

Do your tents come with warranty? Yes, our tents come with a one year manufacturers warranty. 

I don't live in your delivery radius, what should I do? Contact us at for a quote.

Will my roof racks support the tent? The most important thing to know / check is the dynamic weight capacity of your roof racks. Your roof racks should support a minimum dynamic weight capacity of the total weight of the tent. Static weight capacity is much higher than dynamic weight since it is not moving weight and is evenly distributed. 

How do I know my roof racks will work? If you're unsure, please get in touch with us and we can look into it for you.

How do I store my RTT? We always recommend that you keep your RTT at least 2” off the ground to prevent moisture from getting into your tent and causing mould or other potential damage. Ensure to fully air out / dry out your tent before storing it for a long period of time. Do not leave it outside directly below the elements if you will not be using it for weeks or months at a time.

Do you have a storefront? We are 100% online, but we can hook you up with a client if you'd like to see a tent before buying. 

Do any retailers carry your products? We work with a handful of local retails across Canada and a couple in the US. 

Where is your warehouse? We use a couple of distribution centres located in GVA, BC and GTA, ON.

Do you have any demo units we can see? Yes! Depending on where you are located, we can get a client to show you their RTT. 

Where are your products manufactured? We have two manufacturers in China, and one in Mexico.

Where do you test your rooftop tents? All of our testing is done in Ontario and BC. 

Which rooftop tent do you recommend for my vehicle? Depends on what you are looking for. The quickest to open and close is the Journey models. The most space would be an XL. The smallest when closed would be the Mini.

Where do you ship to? We ship to all provinces in Canada for free. Shipping within the US is $550 USD (

Will my roof racks work? Our mounting hardware is universal and should fit with any roof rack / crossbar system. If you’re unsure, please contact us.

My crossbars are thick, will they fit? Our universal mounting hardware can accommodate up to 4.5" thick crossbars. 

How far of the spacing should my crossbars be? To find out the optimal distance, divide the length of your RTT by 3 (if you have two crossbars.) For example if your RTT is 85" long, and you have 2 crossbars, divide 85/3 = 28" should be the spacing.

Which rooftop tent has the most head space inside? The Odyssey is a winner in the category of interior headroom. It also features a skylight. 

Which RTT comes with a skylight? Odyssey, Summit and Xpedition models come with skylights. 

Which is the smallest RTT you carry? The smallest footprint when close if the Xpedition Mini. 

Can I leave sheets inside my RTT? Yes, this is a big reason people love our tents! 

How long does installation take? Installation should be done with two strong adults and should take no more than 5 minutes. 

Can I pickup my order? Yes, we offer a few pick up locations which you can view at check out. 

Can I cancel an order? Yes, however, our website provider (Shopify) does not refund transaction fees on cancelled orders, meaning there is a 3% cancellation fee that will be withheld on cancellations.

Can I pay a deposit to secure an order? Yes, you can pay a $1,000 deposit by E-transfer or PayPal to To checkout on our website, select "Bank Deposit" after entering all your info. This will create a draft order on our website. Please include the model name in the transfer. The balance will be due before we ship out the RTT. 

What do I do if my rooftop tent is wet when I'm closing it? When you have an opportunity, make sure you open the tent so it can completely air out. Do keep in mind that big changes in temperatures, such as freeze and thaw cycles, can cause condensation even if a tent is closed. If you do not air out the moisture, mold and mildew will occur. We recommend airing your tent out every few weeks, even when your tent is not in use. Humid climates may require airing out your tent more regularly.

Can I leave my RTT on all year? Yes you can, however, you will want to open your tent occasionally, to make sure moisture does not accumulate, even if the tent has been closed and not in use.


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